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We pit Google and Bing against each other in a quest to determine which one is better.

Microsoft's Secret Weapon Against Google Maps -- Open Source

Microsoft is lending big support and big dollars to the open source map project OpenStreetMap, and it looks as if the tactic is starting to pay off.

Mobile Search Face-Off: Bing vs. Google vs. Yahoo

We put three Android mobile search apps from Bing, Google, and Yahoo to the test to find out which one delivers the most useful information on shopping, movies, restaurants, general search, and more.


Google Remains King in Searches, Hearts and Minds

Search engine usage survey shows Google gains, Yahoo loses -- but users don't like data gathered about them, either.

How to Change Your Browser's Default Search Engine

Tired of seeing your browser default to Google or Bing? It takes less than 60 seconds to change your default search engine with this simple guide.

Google Search's Screenwise vs. Bing Rewards: Which Pays More?

Google Screenwise gives you money if you allow it to track your search results in Chrome -- but so does Bing Rewards.

Google, Microsoft Square off for Search Supremacy

Bing beefed up in 2011, but Google still rules. Analysts weigh in on the search rivals' strategies and likelihood of success.

Microsoft Bing is Nearly Number 2, But Continues to Lose Money

The latest figures from Comscore show that Microsoft is essentially in a dead heat with Yahoo as the second most popular search site.

Are DuckDuckGo's Bing Ties a Problem for Linux Mint?

Mint's new default search engine shows an anti-open source bias, some have charged.

Microsoft's Bing Mobile App Ships for IPhone, Android--Not Windows Phone

Microsoft rolls out a new mobile app for Bing built with HTML5 and available first only to iPhone and Android users. Is Microsoft switching away from its homegrown platforms?