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Microsoft's 5 Biggest Weaknesses

Microsoft's position as the dominant provider of software to consumers is at risk. Here are five reasons why.

Yahoo, Bing Beat Google in Search Success Rate

Two-thirds of all searches in July were done on Google, only 68 percent were successful -- compared more than 80 percent of searches conducted on both Yahoo and Bing.


Google+ Posts Will Appear on Google Social Search Results

Google's move to start integrating Google+ users’ public posts into the search engine’s social search results is a smart move, as Google tries to siphon users away from Facebook and other services.


Microsoft and Google’s 5 Most Ridiculous Fights

Google and Microsoft’s new patent fight is sooo childish. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg.


Microsoft Keeps Trying, and Failing, with Bing

Microsoft continues to pour billions into its Online Services Division with no payback in sight. Why?

How Microsoft Plans to Beat Google With Bing

It's been an expensive battle, but Microsoft is moving beyond the features war with a new bag of tricks to challenge the search king.

Bing Tests Live Tiles, Plans Google-Like Instant Search

The Internet search wars could soon heat up as word of Microsoft Bing innovations leak out.


Best Voice Recognition Apps for Your Smartphone

Give your thumbs a rest: These eight apps let you search the Web, make a restaurant reservation, update your Facebook status, or send a text--all by voice.

Twitter Won't Fly as High if it Flubs Bing Social Search Deal

There are too many powerful competitors on the social Web landscape for Twitter to be making enemies. If Bing bails on social search and Google decides not to come back, social search essentially ceases to exist.


Microsoft, China Search Deal a Win for Censorship

Microsoft's deal with China may add some revenue to its bottom line, but it makes Microsoft a willing partner in abetting China's strict Internet censorship. The deal is wrong and Microsoft should abandon it.