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Microsoft has Tiger Blood.

Google Wins the War Against Bing Images

Google's new 'sort by subject' is the latest escalation in a pitched battle of pictures

Microsoft-RIM Alliance Is No Easy Boost for BlackBerry Brand

Microsoft announces Bing search integration for BlackBerries in a effort to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive mobile space.

RIM and Microsoft Alliance: Who Wins?

Bing will become the default search provider on BlackBerry devices thanks to new alliance between RIM and Microsoft--who makes out in this deal?

Microsoft and RIM Take On Google in Mobile Search

Microsoft's investment in putting its Bing search and maps in BlackBerry mobile devices by the fall holiday season pits RIM and Microsoft against Google in a massive scramble for mobile search customers.

Microsoft Throws Research in Motion a Search Engine Lifeline

Bing will become the default search provider in BlackBerry browsers and maps, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said during a keynote appearance at BlackBerry World.


A Business-Centric Approach to Searching the Web

The Factiva search engine is designed to help workers be more productive by narrowing the scope of the online search to relevant business information.

Bing Closes Gap on Google's Search Engine Lead

Bing captured about 30 percent of the search market in March, while Google's share declined, going from nearly 67 percent to 64 percent.

Bing iPad App Draws Kudos

One analyst says Google should beware of Microsoft's version of Bing for iPad, its first app for Apple's tablet.


Bing for iPad: Visual Tour

A walkthrough of Microsoft's latest app for the iPad