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The iPhone 5s fingerprint reader: what you need to know

Does Apple's new Touch ID technology mean the end of passcodes on your iPhone? Is it truly secure? Rich Mogull answers those and other questions.


Bionym Nymi

Maker Bionym says its Nymi wristband can ID you via your heartbeat

The makers of a new wristband claim that they can detect unique patterns in your heartbeat and use them to identify you to laptops and other devices.


Biometric security tested by UK bank using vocal passwords

Barclays is using Nuance’s FreeSpeech voice biometrics software to confirm and identify customers, instead of using security questions.

Failed authentication frequently thwarts online shoppers

About half of online shoppers are "very frequently" or "frequently" prevented from buying online good and services because they can't get their credentials to work at business websites, a study released Wednesday finds.


fujitsu face pulse

Fujitsu software measures heart rates via camera phone

A Fujitsu research lab has developed software that can read minute changes in face color to accurately measure a subject's pulse using the small digital cameras attached to smartphones and tablets.


Why locking your mobile device with a fingerprint is a great idea

One of the rumors leading into the Apple iPhone 5 event today is that the new smartphone will incorporate fingerprint scanning technology.

FBI rolling out high-tech 'Big Brother' monitoring system

The FBI's Next Generation Identification (NGI) system is raising concerns among some privacy advocates.

Terahertz Scanners, Drugs, and Shoes

A new technology will make it ridiculously easy to see if you are carrying or have consumed drugs or touched or have explosives on you.

This Software Never Forgets a Face

We take a “faces-on” first look at SensibleVision’s FastAccess facial-recognition technology.

Biometric ID Tool Benefits Questioned in Light of Privacy Concerns

Opposition to biometric ID is pretty widespread, and most of that opposition is based not on prophecy, but on concerns about privacy.