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Will the Future TSA Track All Your 'Daily Travels to Work, Grocery Stores, and Social Events'?

While the TSA can't explain why invasive patdowns without probable cause are legal, that isn't stopping TSA from future plans to track all your daily travels, anywhere you go, from work, to stores, or even when you go out to play.

Can the Obama Administration Fix Your Identity Management Problems?

The White House pledged to work with industry to establish an "identity ecosystem" of approved processes and technologies to foster some kind of new way to issue digital credentials to end users, whether consumers, business and the federal government.

Black Hat Preview: Let the Electric-shock Craziness Begin

Ready to power on next week, the annual Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas promises to be the high-voltage event

Big Brother Creep Out: 7 Ways US Govt. Invades Brains

With increasing frequency it seems agencies of the government are looking to tap into the public conscientiousness to gather information.


Researchers Look at New Ways to Keep Your Information Safe

An eyeball reader on your smartphone? Advances in biometrics--and other authentication technologies--could help keep your personal information safer.

With BioTrust, Your Face Is Your Password

Security utility BioTrust uses face recognition to let you log on to Windows via webcam.

Facebook on Face Recognition: Sorry, We Screwed Up!

Facebook apologizes for its latest screw-up.

Why Facebook's Facial Recognition is Creepy

Everyone stop uploading photos of people to Facebook RIGHT NOW.

Secure Your Life in 12 Steps

Lock down your computer, your home network, your identity--even your phone.

Report: Chinese Far Outstrip U.S. Cyber-Spy Fight for Military, Business Secrets

Operation Byzantine Hades pulls 'terabytes' of sensitive data over half a decade of success