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X-Ray Body Scanner Hubbub: The Naked Truth

Will the controversy surrounding the TSA's body scanners ever die down?

Report on Biometrics Raises Hard Questions

A lengthy review of the general state of biometrics raises questions about the reliability, accuracy and scalability of these technologies.

Sophos: Scientist Infected With Virus Is Just Scaremongering

Security vendor Sophos has slammed a technology experiment, which saw a British scientist infect himself with a computer virus, as "scaremongering".

Researchers Work to Create Secure RFID Tags

With RFID tags being embedded in everyday items like passports, credit cards and transit passes, security has become a concern with this "always-on" technology.


Report: Obama Close to Appointing White House Cybersecurity Chief

More than three months after establishing a new White House office for cybersecurity, President Barack Obama may finally be close to appointing someone to oversee it.

Personal Spy Gear: Is It Ethical? Is It Legal?

From disguised video security cams to GPS tracking loggers, personal security is going high-tech. But these gadgets bring up a host of sticky ethical and legal issues.

Will iPhones Get Tactile Feedback, Fingerprint ID?

Nothing gets the rumor mill churning like uncovering Cupertino’s latest patent applications. Get ready for another round of rumors.


New Travel Rules for High-Tech IDs Take Effect June 1

Starting next week, U.S. customs will accpet a new RFID-enabled passport card that is still raising security concerns.

Fighter Jet Hack Far From First Government Breach

Cyberspies hacked into government computers and gathered data on a next-generation stealth fighter, but it's far from the first U.S. cyber-break in.

Biometric Passports Agreed to in EU

The European Parliament has voted to implement biometric passports in the EU, starting June 29.