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The rebirth of the BlackBerry brand offers compelling reasons for customers to remain loyal. Then again, that's not enough for everyone.

You can get a BlackBerry Z10 now--for $999

If you can't wait to get the latest BlackBerry in the U.S., there's this costly path to instant gratification.

Want a Blackberry Z10 right now? U.S. buyers will pay a cool $1000 for early purchase

BlackBerry fans who don't want to wait for the major carriers to offer the Z10 can buy the handset now from Solavei for a hefty price on the handset and budget service.

New camera war brewing in the smartphone market

As HTC and Nokia prepare to go head-to-head with new cameras on upcoming smartphones, they hope to steal market share from Apple and Samsung Electronics.


BlackBerry Q10 won't land stateside until May or June

The first keyboard-equipped phone to run the BlackBerry 10 OS will need to go through carrier testing before it becomes available in the U.S.


BlackBerry sets stage for more games on BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry and Unity are working together on an add-on for BlackBerry 10 smartphones that should make it easier for developers to create games for the new OS.


Review: BlackBerry Z10 is a bold reimagining of a smartphone

The BlackBerry Z10 phone has much to like, but it also makes a few gaffes.

BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10 enjoys brisk sales starting outside the US

Early sales data indicates the BlackBerry Z10 is having a promising launch outside the U.S., with strong orders and some retailers running out of stock.

BlackBerry Z10 and the BB10 OS: The early reviews are in (video)

From the standout touchscreen keyboard to the so-so camera, here are the things reviewers are pointing out about BlackBerry's new Z10 smartphone.


Chart: How the BlackBerry Z10 stacks up against its rivals

Let's take a look at the new touchscreen BlackBerry's specs to see how it compares to the latest iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone handsets.