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Up close with BlackBerry 10

Research In Motion is showing off the latest build of its BlackBerry 10 platform, and Armando Rodriguez gets a close-up look at some of the features the company has planned for its mobile OS.


RIM signs deal to license Microsoft exFAT technology

RIM is licensing Microsoft's exFAT file system to make data on its BlackBerry devices compatible with more platforms and devices.

Windows Phone fails to gain traction in second quarter

About 5.4 million Windows Phone devices were sold in the quarter, for a 3.5 percent market share, up from 2.3 percent a year previously.


RIM is in trouble thanks to BlackBerry 10 BES chaos

Fragmentation of the BlackBerry infrastructure companies use to manage their mobile devices could spell doom for BlackBerry 10 and RIM.

Phishing Attack Targets Users With Fake BlackBerry ID Email

An attached file is loaded up with malware to take over the victim's computer should he or she open it.


Windows Phone Expected to Pass BlackBerry in November

WinPho's market growth and BlackBerry's free fall combine to push smartphones running Microsoft's mobile OS past the Canadian smartphone maker.

Samsung, Apple Gain Share at Expense of Nokia, RIM

Gartner analysts report a second-quarter shuffle in the smartphone market, with declines by Nokia, LG, and RIM.

Mobile Web Browsing on iOS Devices Mushrooms as BlackBerry Declines

Web usage by iPhone and iPad owners has grown by 35% in North American over the past year, while browsing with BlackBerry smartphones and the PlayBook tablet has dropped by 25%.


RIM Again Floats Idea of Licensing BlackBerry OS

Research in Motion sounds closer than ever to partnering with former competitors to expand BlackBerry’s reach beyond its stagnant U.S. user base.


RIM Ships LTE PlayBook Tablet Next Week

A 32GB model of the 7-inch tablet with LTE cellular connectivity will be rolled out in most markets over the next few months.