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The majority of American adults are now smartphone owners

A new poll from Pew finds that 56% of American adults now own smartphones. A variety of other demographic findings may surprise you.


AT&T, other carriers accept orders for BlackBerry's Q10 smartphone

BlackBerry's Q10, the company’s new smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard, is finally appearing in U.S. retail channels. AT&T is the latest carrier to start taking pre-orders for the phone.

Microsoft can learn a crucial lesson from BlackBerry

The tepid response to the news that BBM will be available for iOS and Android should be a wake up call for Microsoft and its strategy for Microsoft Office.

Pentagon clearance for iOS could open even more doors for Apple in the private sector

Industries like finance and healthcare may take a closer look at iOS now that it has the Pentagon seal of approval.

Windows Phone claims third place in the smartphone wars, but challenges await

Windows Phone is riding high(ish) right now, but Microsoft will have to combat a surging BlackBerry 10 gain traction in carrier stores if it wants to hold on to the bronze.


BlackBerry CEO: BBM to be released as a free app on iOS and Android this summer

During the BlackBerry Live conference, the company announced plans to make BBM available as a free app on Android and iOS this summer.


Review: The BlackBerry Q10 has a nice keyboard but falls short everywhere else

The BlackBerry Q10 will please die-hard fans of physical keyboards, but the phone's buggy navigation and lack of app support will leave most people wanting more.


Pentagon clears BlackBerry Z10 and Samsung Galaxy S4

Struggling BlackBerry gets a boost as the U.S. Department of Defense clears the use of devices running BlackBerry 10 as well as a version of Android.

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins introduces the BlackBerry Z10 and the Q10.

BlackBerry 10 cleared for use on US Department of Defense networks

The U.S. Department of Defense has cleared BlackBerry 10 smartphones and PlayBook tablets for use on its networks, amid reports that the department may also clear devices from Samsung Electronics and Apple.


RIM CEO Thorsten Heins introduces the BlackBerry Z10 and the Q10.

Buyers beware: Many BlackBerry 10 apps aren't compatible with Q10

Many BlackBerry 10 apps are not yet compatible with the new BlackBerry Q10, expected to arrive in the U.S. later this month.