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Deals of the Week

This week's deals include a powerful Canon point-and-shoot camera and the Nintendo Wii console.


Bluetooth 4.0 Chops Power Consumption

The next version of Bluetooth will be frugal enough with power to run devices using button-cell batteries, the wireless standard's industry special interest group says.


Plantronics Explorer 395: a Bluetooth Headset for Everyday Use

The Plantronics Explorer 395 offers a comfortable, low-cost Bluetooth headset for casual users whose ears aren't glued to their mobile phones.


Bluetooth v4.0 Enables Low-Power, High-Speed Wireless Devices

Bluetooth v4.0 promises lower-power, higher-speed wireless devices by early 2011.

Jabra Stone Bluetooth Headset: Stylish Looks, Handy Charger

This pocket-friendly headset with a travel-size charging base offers convenience, high-quality audio, and extra hours of talk time when you’re away from an AC outlet.


Aliph's Attractive Jawbone Icon Is an Upgradable Bluetooth Headset

Smaller, smarter ,and glitzier, Aliph's new series of Jawbone Bluetooth headsets aim to combine good looks with a customizable, voice-driven interface.


Jawbone Icon: A Bluetooth Headset To Love?

Aliph's newest headset offers style along with functionality.


RIM Reveals 'BlackBerry Presenter' for PowerPoint

At 2010 CES, RIM shows off 3.4 inch x 2.4 inch gadget that connects to a projector or other display and wirelessly transfers PowerPoint presentations stored on your BlackBerry smartphone via Bluetooth.


Apple's Magic Mouse Draining Bluetooth Keyboard Batteries

Apple's Magic Mouse is reportedly draining the batteries of Bluetooth keyboards, according to the company's own discussion forums.

Bluetooth 4.0 Spec Finalized, Designed Around Energy Efficiency

The latest iteration of Bluetooth technology is designed to reduce power consumption.