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If you're looking for tiny stereo Bluetooth headphones--and you’re willing to pay the price for them--this ultradainty pair is just the ticket.


Motorola MotoRokr S9-HD for iPod Wireless Stereo Headphones

Consider Motorola’s S9-HD bundle if you need a Bluetooth adapter for your iPod. Your tunes will sound great, too.


Next-Generation Stereo Bluetooth Headsets

We examine five of the latest stereo Bluetooth headphones to reach the market, and discuss the state of the technology today.


Samsung SBH700 Wireless Stereo Headset

Expect decent audio quality, and that’s about it. These headphones lag behind the competition in comfort and usability.


This Week's Best Tech Bargains

In the market for a Bluetooth headset? A new display? Or an MP3 player? We'll show you where to find the best deals.


New Bluetooth Standards to Bring Speed, Energy Efficiency

If all goes according to plan, Bluetooth could soon help you monitor your heart rate.

New Wireless Standard, TransferJet, Gets Big Name Backing at CES

Move over Bluetooth, TransferJet is coming to town. The emerging near-field communications needs no passcodes, no pairing, and operates at over 100 times faster than Bluetooth.

Low Energy, Faster Bluetooth Products Imminent

New products likely to emerge later this year.

The CES 2009 Gadget Parade Begins

The 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show is now formally open, but we gathered this collection of innovative CES gadgets ahead of time for your viewing pleasure.


Mac-compatible Bluetooth Web Cam Debuts

Ecamm Network on Friday introduced its BT-1 Bluetooth wireless Web cam, which it calls the world's first such device.