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Why Apple Should Pair the iPod Nano with the iPhone

The iPod Nano makes a decent geek watch, but if it was paired with the iPhone it could be a wrist-based conduit to valuable, real-time information.

Bluetooth Giving You the Blues? Here's Your Cure

Bluetooth--so great when it works--can drive you crazy with dropped connections or with pairing and sound-quality problems. Here's how to cope when it goes haywire.

Parrot Expands Asteroid Line: Internet-Connected Devices for Your Car

Parrot introduces three new in-vehicle infotainment systems, opens up platform to third-party developers. Is your car the biggest piece of tech you own?


The Buzz on Bluetooth: The Top Mono and Stereo Headsets, and Car Kits Too

We test the best Bluetooth products to pair with your phone, tablet, or media player--some of which come with nifty tools.

10 Luxurious, Executive-Class Tech Gifts

If you have a high-flying, tech-savvy executive on your holiday shopping list, wow them with one of these luxe gifts.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Keyboard Case Provides Good Typing and Protection

This pricey keyboard, which pairs with a Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, is attractively thin and sleek. It also has several small frustrations, however.

Jawbone Wristband, App Track Your Total Health

The band and companion app watch your diet, sleep and exercise, then nudge you to do better.


Bluetooth 4.0 Becomes 'Smart': What It Means For You

Bluetooth 4.0 drastically reduces power consumption via a low pulsing method that keeps devices connected without the need of a continuous information stream.

Hacker Creates New Way to Communicate Road Rage

A hacker has invented a display for the rear window of his car that can send messages to motorists within viewing range.

Windows 8 Tablet: Hands On

The first Windows 8 tablet, the Samsung 700T, arrives--at least for developers. What can we learn from it?