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Patch Tuesday Fixes Critical Bluetooth Flaw in Windows 7

There are only four bulletins, but one of them is related to a critical flaw in the Bluetooth networking of Windows 7 and Windows Vista that could let an attacker wirelessly compromise a vulnerable system.

9 DIY Projects for the Crafty Geek

Looking for a cool weekend project? We've got 9 high-tech projects for the geek in you.


10 Cool Tech Gadgets Spotted at CE Week 2011

Meet 2011's hottest new gear, from wearable camcorders to iPad covers that double as speakers to pocket-size wireless hard drives for your smartphone and tablet.


Essential Gadgets for the Road Warrior

Essential Gadgets for Road Warriors

Bluetooth Touted as the Cancer-free Wireless Tech

If you're worried that your cellphone might be giving you cancer, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has a solution for you: Use Bluetooth.

Spot Connect Sends Location Data When There's No Wireless Available

This gizmo tethers to your cell but uses satellite to send check-in, track progress or help messages.

Jabra Cruiser2 Bluetooth Car Speakerphone Offers Good Sound, Easy-to-Use Controls

With the Jabra Cruiser2, you get above-average call quality. The controls are readily accessible while you're driving, too, and extra features add to the product’s usefulness.

Parrot Minikit Smart Bluetooth Speakerphone Falls Short in Call Quality

This cradle device and speakerphone holds your phone in the car, making it ideal for GPS duties. Too bad its audio quality isn’t up to snuff.

BlueAnt S4 Bluetooth Speakerphone: Convenient Voice Commands

If you’re shopping for a portable car kit that lets you bypass pressing buttons for most tasks, the S4 is one product to look at. Expect calls to sound less than perfect, however.


Plantronics K100 Bluetooth Speakerphone: Consistently Good Audio

The K100 delivers decent voice quality and buttons that are a breeze to locate by touch alone. Listening to calls and streaming audio through the car’s speakers improves quality.