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Jabra Easygo: Solid, Easy-Access Controls on a Bluetooth Headset

The least-expensive monaural headset tested to date is impressive: The controls are easy to reach, the fit feels solid, and the call quality isn't too shabby.

How to Buy a Bluetooth Headset or Car Speakerphone

A Bluetooth headset or in-car speakerphone lets you talk on your cell phone hands-free. Here's our advice on selecting the most appropriate product for your needs.

Manage Your Smartphone Via Casio's Bluetooth Watch

Casio's low-power prototype watch lets you manage your phone from your wrist via Bluetooth.


Plantronics Bluetooth Headset Delivers More Efficient UC

Plantronics ups the ante for Bluetooth headsets by building in a variety of automated location-aware features and unified communications functionality.

Aliph Jawbone Era Changes Bluetooth Headset Game

The new Jawbone Era from Aliph includes a number of innovative features, and improved HD audio sound quality.

Networking Gets Faster, More Media-Savvy

At CES 2011, networking vendors are touting products that let you access movies, music, and photos on any screen, anywhere. But they're also adding proprietary technologies that won't be compatible with gear from other vendors.

Smartphone Specs Demystified

Ever wonder what "capacitive touchscreen," "MicroSD" and "HSPA+" mean? We provide real definitions for the specs most commonly used to describe what's under the hood in today's smartphones.

20 Hot Black Friday Deals

From dirt cheap Bluetooth headsets, to $70 digital projector, to a 50-inch HDTV for $800; these Black Friday deals are worth getting up before sunrise for.


Headphones Built Into Your Hoodie and Other Tech Clothing Wonders

A phone built into the sleeve of a dress. Gloves that enable you to swipe a touchscreen on the ski slope. Solar-powered backpacks. Here are nine examples of apparel that blurs the line between clothing and tech gear.