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Jawbone Jambox: Little Bluetooth Box, Big Sound

Aliph announces first non-headset product: bluetooth stereo/speakerphone.


Jawbone Unveils New Jambox Bluetooth Speaker

Jawbone-known for its numerous Bluetooth cellphone earpieces-today unveiled its first foray into the Bluetooth speaker market: The Jambox.


Wi-Fi Direct vs. Bluetooth 4.0: A Battle for Supremacy

Both specifications are promising to make it easier for you to quickly transfer pictures, files and other data between two wireless devices.

Best Bluetooth Headsets for the Holidays

Looking for an easy-to-use Bluetooth headset with good audio quality and lots of customization options? Check out these appealing models.

How to Pair Your Phone to a Bluetooth Device

Most smartphones have a built-in detector for recognizing fellow Bluetooth-enabled devices, but there are some bumps in the process.


Calling Dick Tracy: Sony's Wristwatch Remote for Android

A remote control for Android smartphones that can be worn as an accessory on your wrist is coming soon.

Bright Colors, Snazzy Style Highlight Holiday High-Tech Goodies

From retro-handsets you could crack a walnut with, to stylish digital music players, and $100k bluetooth headsets made from pearls here is a sneak peek at colorful 2010 holiday gear.


Mozilla's 'Seabird' Concept Phone Could Be a Boon for Business

A Bluetooth dongle and dual pico projectors on this concept handset promise to ease content input and manipulation for mobile users.

Plantronics M100: A Bluetooth Headset With Comfy Design and Convenient Touches

A lightweight, discreet design, and some thoughtful features help distinguish this midrange Bluetooth headset.


The Real Reasons iOS 4.1 is Important

Apple is hyping new features like Game Center and iTunes Ping, but the reasons iOS 4.1 is crucial are related to finally resolving serious issues with the iOS 4 mobile OS.