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HP's Envy 17 Laptop is a Multimedia Powerhouse

HP's Envy 17 laptop is a fully-powered desktop replacement with a full complement of ports, dual hard drives, a Blu-Ray drive, and more.


Bluetooth Aids Thieves in Gas Station Credit-Card Scam

Bluetooth wireless making it easy to retrieve stolen card numbers from gas pumps.

Bluetooth 4.0 Approved, Will Reach Devices This Year

Bluetooth SIG has approved the Bluetooth 4.0 wireless networking standard to exchange short bursts of data using little energy.

Bluetooth Spec Enables Some Gizmos to Go Years Between Charges

A standards group announced Tuesday that a new low energy spec for Bluetooth has been finalized

How to Buy a Laptop

Size, performance, storage options, and keyboard quality are all factors to consider when purchasing a laptop. Let us help you find the laptop that fits your needs.

Jabra Takes Noise Cancellation to an Admirable Extreme

Dual-microphone Bluetooth headset minimizes extraneous sounds very well while cutting a nice profile.


Sound ID 510 Bluetooth Headset: Comfortable and Customizable

This is a solid Bluetooth headset unit for anyone who is willing to spend a little time fine-tuning the audio.

Jabra Cruiser: Hands-Free Calls With Extras

The Jabra Cruiser delivers hands-free calls and music over your car's stereo with minimal hassle.

Bluetooth 3.0, WirelessHD Show up in Laptops

PC makers show laptops with the latest Bluetooth 3.0 and WirelessHD wireless networking technologies at Computex.

Sound ID 510 Bluetooth Headset: There's an App with That

The first wireless headset with its own personalized iPhone app hits AT&T stores June 6.