Don't-Miss Stories

UK Retailer Dumps HD DVD for Blu-ray

Woolworths stores in the UK will no longer be stocking HD DVD titles, but they will be available online.


Controversies Abound: Warner and Blu-ray; Intel and OLPC

Our readers discuss Warner's announcement that it's backing Blu-ray Disc, Intel's resignation from One Laptop Per Child board.


Sony Thanks Blu-ray Fans

Sony CEO Howard Stringer acknowledged the power punch of Warner Bros. choosing Blu-ray Disc over HD DVD.


Warner's Blu-ray Endorsement Boosts the Buzz at CES

HD DVD supporters and vendors pause and regroup after Warner's surprise vote in the format war.


Blu-ray and HD DVD Spice Up 17-Inch Laptops

Three multimedia-oriented desktop-replacement laptops take positions on our chart.

New Blu-ray Recorders Store 18 Hours of Video

Panasonic unveils three models at Japan's CEATEC show.


Sony Drops DVD for Blu-ray Disc

Sony will no longer use the standard DVD format in its video recorders, instead moving to Blu-ray Disc for all future models in Japan.


HD VMD to Battle Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD

Players and discs using a new high-def format will appear soon--but will consumers make room for yet another combatant in the HD format wars?


PowerFile Picks Blu-ray for Storage Device

Active Archive Appliance Enterprise Edition drops DVD technology for Blu-ray support.


HDTV Makes Adult-Movie Stars Nervous

Picture quality shows too much detail for some performers, but industry is still going high-def.