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Sony Rolls Out PS3 3D Blu-ray Support, Grief Reporting

3D support for Blu-ray movie arrives earlier than expected in today's firmware update for the PlayStation 3.


Sony Pitches a 3D Laptop, But You'll Still Need Glasses

Sony says it plans to launch a 3D Vaio laptop in 2011 designed to support 3D video games and high-definition movie playback.

HP's Envy 17 Laptop is a Multimedia Powerhouse

HP's Envy 17 laptop is a fully-powered desktop replacement with a full complement of ports, dual hard drives, a Blu-Ray drive, and more.


Lab Notes: HDTV Hassles

We've been doing a ton of TV testing to gear up for the holiday shopping season, and recently we’ve noticed that many of the HDTVs we receive include a new 10-point IRE white balance calibration option. This trend is proving to be a huge headache for our analysts, but it's also a big (and potentially disastrous) step up for amateur A/V enthusiasts.


A Portable 3D Blu-ray Player? Not Quite

Samsung introduces 3D-capable portable Blu-ray player, but you need to connect it to an HDTV to see in 3D.


Sharp Unveils 100GB Blu-ray Disc

New discs, drives are the first to support BDXL specs, but rewritable 100GB and write-once 128GB BDXL will follow.


Deals of the Week

Our hot deals for the week include a practically free Motorola Droid, a Canon PowerShot camera, and a Samsung 3D HDTV bundle pack that saves you $1000.


Netflix-Relativity Deal: Another Nail in Blu-ray's Coffin

Content deals like the Netflix-Relativity pact highlight the Net's importance as an entertainment-delivery system--while giving consumers another reason to pass on that bargain Blu-ray player at Costco.


New Movies on Blu-ray in Red-and-Blue 3D?

Tom Moriarty wants to know if any new 3D movies will be released in old-style 3D


3D For PlayStation 3 Games (But Not Blu-ray) Dropping Tomorrow

Sony says its 3D update for the PlayStation 3, which allows users to view select games and Blu-ray movies in stereoscopic 3D with special glasses and TVs, will debut tomorrow.