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A hacker's story: Mitchell Frost explains his motivation

As a 19-year-old college student In 2006, Mitchell Frost used a campus network to launch botnets against several conservative web sites; here is his story.

ZeroAccess takedown leads hackers to abandon bot

Microsoft and its partners apparently persuaded the ZeroAccess bot-herders to abandon their click-fraud network.

cloud security

Industry group rallies to fight bots, protect the cloud

Distributed denial-of-service attacks are mounting, so the Cloud Security Alliance formed the Anti-Bot Working Group to help fight this threat.

Microsoft, Europol claim victory in taking down ZeroAccess botnet

Microsoft blocks traffic and seizes domains owned by the notorious ZeroAccess botnet, while Europol moves in to physically take down the servers.


Botnet snatches 2 million logins for Facebook, ADP, and other sites

The attackers are using the "Pony" botnet command-and-control server software.

Botnet busts more for stunts than security, expert says

Microsoft and Symantec have touted taking down major botnets, but one expert calls their actions ineffective and aimed primarily at getting attention.

Mobile malware reported riding on Google messaging service

Mobile botnets are on the rise and cybercriminals are using the Google Cloud Messaging service to distribute malware, a new report says.


Security firm warns of pervasive Mevade botnet

Hundreds of global organizations have been infected by a Russian botnet as part of a cybercrime campaign that could be connected to the mysterious traffic spike that hit the Tor anonymity system in August, security firm Websense says.


Failure to patch leaves many WordPress sites vulnerable

Poor updating and sometimes no updating is leaving large numbers of WordPress websites open to exploitation in cybercriminal campaigns, security experts report.

Symantec seizes part of massive peer-to-peer botnet ZeroAccess

One of the largest botnets in existence has lost access to more than a quarter of the infected machines it controlled.