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Batman Arkham City debuted at midnight last night, and launches today in stores everywhere.

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A stellar superhero game that raises the bar for its peers, Rocksteady's Arkham City is indeed the game that Gotham City deserves, and a must-own for Bat-fans.

Mass Effect 3 Getting 'Galaxy of War' Multiplayer Mode

EA and Bioware confirm rumors that Mass Effect 3 will be first in series to add multiplayer when the game ships next year.

Review: Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Offers Fresh Alternative to Dungeon Games

We review the reboot of the classic fighter jet franchise. Does the new look help it soar, or does it crash and burn?

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SlingPlayer for Honeycomb Tablets Lands in Android Market

The new app allows Honeycomb tablet users to connect their Android slates to a Slingbox Solo or Pro-HD to watch home television while on the go.


Comcast, Verizon to Start Streaming TV to Xbox 360

Comcast and Verizon will start streaming TV programming to Microsoft's Xbox 360 over the holidays.


Review: Spider-Man: Edge of Time Doesn't Live Up to Expectations

Excellent production values and talented voice acting just can't help Spider-Man: Edge of Time untangle itself from a convoluted plot, repetitive environments, and a tedious single-player campaign.