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E3 2011: Microsoft Reveals Halo 4, Bets Farm on Kinect Experience

Microsoft reveals Halo 4 plus the long rumored original Halo for Xbox remake, but spends most of its E3 press conference touting Kinect games.

Microsoft's Xbox TV Service May be Near

There is speculation that Microsoft is preparing to announce its long-awaited TV subscription service for its Xbox 360 video game console on Monday at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.


Nintendo Servers Hacked, You're Next Xbox

Hacktivism has devolved into hacking just for the sake of bragging rights--the "Wild West" days of the Internet are back.

E3 Preview: What We Want to See

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is coming up next week. Here's what we're expecting to see on the show floor.

The 15 Hottest Games and Gaming Hardware of E3 2011

This year's E3 Expo, which runs June 7 through June 9, looks to be the most exciting in years. Here are 15 reasons why, including cool new games and a big Nintendo announcement.

Modern Warfare 3 Will Be Ridiculous, Hit November 8

See if you can spot how many things don't go boom in Activision's apocalyptic debut trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Microsoft Offering Students a Free Xbox 360 with PC Purchase

Microsoft will throw in a free Xbox 360 gaming console for new PCs and laptops for students between the ages of 16 and 19.

L.A. Noire Causing PS3s and Xbox 360s to Overheat?

Is Rockstar's post-WW2 Los Angeles-based crime saga making game consoles a little hot under the collar?

New Xbox Firmware Bricks Some Consoles, Microsoft Makes Amends

Xbox 360 bricked by the latest update? Microsoft will get you a new console.

The Best Way to Extend Your Media Center to Another TV

You don't need a separate media center for every TV in your house. Instead, just plug in an extender. There's only one real option, but it's a good one.