Don't-Miss Stories

HBO Go May Debut on Xbox on April Fool's Day

HBO's app would make fast friends with the game console's other cable-killing video apps, such as Crackle, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Verizon FiOS, and ESPN.


There's a Problem with Xbox 360 1080p Playback? Yep, and a Fix Incoming

Microsoft acknowledges Xbox 360 video playback issues, says it's working on a fix.

BioShock Infinite Will Include Finger-Breaking '1999 Mode'

Developer Irrational Games announces news hardcore difficulty mode, implies it'll involve more than just a hit point boost for bad guys.

Mass Effect 3 Demo Coming February 14

BioWare says it'll release a Mass Effect 3 demo for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 (including Kinect support) next month.

Max Payne 3 Delayed Until May, Take-Two Revenue Tumbles

Take-Two announces two-month Max Payne delay, says it'll force the company to take a net loss on its fiscal year.

Xbox 360 in 2012: What About the Games?

The Xbox 360 is big for Microsoft this year, but it might not be so big for the devoted fans.

Kinect Effect: Not Just for Gaming

The advanced voice and gesture recognition technology employed in the Microsoft Kinect sensor has spurred innovation across multiple industries, which extend well beyond its gaming roots.

The (Not So) Great Holiday 2011 Xbox LIVE 'Oops'

Ready to kick back with your Xbox 360 over the holiday weekend? Not if you're one of the users barred from accessing Microsoft's Xbox LIVE network due to a glitch.

Last-Minute Tech Shopper Gift Guide

Use our last-minute tech gift guide to find great digital gift ideas that you can get to any friend or relative almost immediately.


Microsoft Will Drive Entertainment Shift with Xbox Live TV

Microsoft is supposedly seeking a TV exec to help create original TV content for its game console and make traditional cable TV increasingly irrelevant.