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Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS Updates, Windows Store, and the HP TopShot on PCWorld Podcast #129

Microsoft was in the news a lot this week, with details about the Windows 8 app store revealed, a major update to the Xbox 360, and an Xbox Live app for iPhone and iPad. There was a major Nintendo 3DS update as well, but that's not as interesting as our discussion as HP's unique TopShot printer.

20 Most Anticipated Tech Products of 2012

From Apple's iPhone 5 to next-gen thermostats to OLED TVs, here are 20 tech products we're looking forward to seeing in 2012.


Microsoft Releases Xbox Live App for iPhone and iPad

With the release of My Xbox Live for iOS, Microsoft finally brings a little bit of Live to a platform other than Windows Phone 7.


Xbox 360 Dashboard Overhaul Will Let You Get Stuff Faster

Microsoft's Xbox 360 dashboard switch-out happens today, radically changing the way you'll interface with the system once again.

Microsoft Puts Siri-like Tech into Xbox 360 In Living Room Play

Microsoft is rolling out an Xbox 360 system update that uses the Kinect sensor to turn your voice into a remote control.


Verizon Launches Xbox 360 Streaming TV Service Offer for FiOS Customers

The service isn't live yet...but the offer is.


New Skyrim Patch 1.2 Fixes All Kinds of Stuff

Bethesda patches Skyrim, fixes Xbox 360 texturing and PS3 performance issues, and tweaks the PC interface.

Black Friday Deals Remained After Early Rush

At some big box stores the heavily discounted specials remained in healthy supply after the early rush was over.


The 10 Best Xbox 360 Games

Batman: Arkham City, Saints Row: The Third, and Skyrim break into GamePro's countdown of the best Xbox 360 titles.

The 10 Best PS3 Games

GamePro's "Top 10" PS3 games sees Batman: Arkham City, Uncharted 3, and RPG smash-hit Skyrim join the list. But what didn't quite make the cut?