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While you're waiting for Skyrim to arrive, here's what's coming in the $150 collector's edition.

Claim: Disc Two of Modern Warfare 3 Stolen, Pirated

Tech site reports the second disc of Activision Blizzard's upcoming first-person shooter is now in the wild.

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A sloppy single-player campaign met with matchless multiplayer makes for an unbalanced first-person shooter experience.

Battlefield 3's Pretty, Messy, Tedious Solo Campaign

While the PC version of Battlefield 3's downloading, we spend some time with the solo campaign on an Xbox 360.

The Best Video Games and Consoles for Families

Which video game console is best for you and your family? GamePro breaks down each major system and suggests five great games for each machine that will add a whole new dimension to family game night.

Arkham City's Too-Forgiving Combat System

Arkham City deserves praise for getting a whole lot right--but not its crowd-combat system.