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Panasonic HUD (2)

Pioneer's new heads-up displays hope to curb distracted driving

Pioneer updated its line of HUDs (heads-up displays), and it hopes the in-car gadgets will help keep drivers' eyes on the road instead of on a GPS device or other electronics.


The nanny car of the future focuses its attention on the driver's every move

Driver monitoring systems. 360-degree short-range radar. Infotainment that can personalize audio and video. Future cars are as alert and attentive as nannies—all in the interests of safety as well as happiness.


Please let me give you my money: mobile app eases fragmented payment system for public EV charging

A new partnership between SemaConnect and Recargo aims to fix one big hassle of using public charging stations: figuring out how to pay. A new mobile app lets your phone be the authenticator, rather than a payment card or a bothersome phone call.


Will Pioneer's new HUD make roads safer?

Pioneer updated its line of heads up displays and had them on show at the Ceatec electronics show in Japan.

Alps dashboard (1)

Alps imagines the car dashboard of the future

When you sit in the car of the future, you won't need to worry about keys or adjusting your seat and you'll even get a quick health check when you sit in the driver's seat.


Mitsubishi projection dashboard (4)

Mitsubishi's projector could bring big changes to car dashboards

Japan's Mitsubishi Electric has developed a prototype projector that could give car interior designers a lot more freedom in the way they model the dashboards of cars.


National Plug-In-Day gathers electric-car faithful, but infrastructure remains sparse

The third annual celebration of all cars electric included events in about 100 cities, a few international.


The same augmented reality that makes games more immersive will make in-car navigation more vivid

Mercedes-Benz is showing an augmented-reality concept for in-car navigation where street names, house numbers, and points of interest will pop up on a live feed.


Broadcom rolls out 802.11ac Wi-Fi for connected cars and waits for the cars to catch up

Communications chipmaker Broadcom announced an 802.11ac/5G chip that will let cars sync better with mobile devices, and stream audio and video from those devices to multiple in-car displays. But don't get too excited: Cars that will use the chip have yet to be announced, and their longer development cycle means it could take a while to see such well-connected cars in dealerships near you.


Cadillac CUE signals new era of customizable in-car displays

The idea of customizing your in-car display seems unthinkable, but the design pendulum is swinging in that direction. Cadillac's CUE in the 2013 CTS is already customizable, and the 2014 Chevrolet Impala will have a display where you can move icons and change their look as well.


Zubie Key review: Car-data collector spells the end of freewheeling road trips

What happens in your car no longer stays in your car. The Zubie Key tracks your driving history and can also alert you to car problems. Its reports are very useful, but devices like this also spell the end of driving as a symbol of freedom or escape.