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ford self driving car

Feds pave the way for cars that can talk to one another

The Department of Transportation says that its preparing a report on vehicle-to-vehicle communication, the first step in requiring the technology to be added to future generations of cars.

acura nsx 3d printed model1

Honda lets you 3D-print a car for fun, and we’re waiting for the car parts, please

If you can print your own, scalable model of an NSX or another concept car, could a spare door handle be far behind? We hope not.


2015 chevrolet tahoe front newyorkreveal dec 2013

Just try to steal my 2015 Chevy Tahoe, I dare you

A bevy of new security features will lock down your SUV. Including motion detectors!


Ford enlists MIT, Stanford to to drive automated cars

The car maker announced Wednesday that it hopes that researchers at MIT can come up with advanced algorithms to help the vehicle learn to predict where other vehicles and pedestrians could be in the future.

toyota fv 2 naias detroit auto show jan 2014

The car of your dreams: The best concepts from NAIAS 2014 in Detroit

Hydrogen-powered. Three-wheeled. Gesture-controlled. The concept cars we saw at NAIAS in Detroit were all some kind of crazy, but don't be surprised if you see something like them in the near future.


2015 cadillac ats coupe jan 2014

How 4G will drive the new 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe

Let the streaming begin! One of the first GM models equipped with OnStar 4G LTE, this luxury coupe promises connectivity speeds of up to 20Mbps in the city. Apps will load much faster, and passengers will be able to share a hotspot.


toyota ft1 concept naias detroit auto show jan 2014

Toyota FT-1 concept trades dials and gauges for fighter-jet windshield display

Toyota’s futuristic sports car has a fully functioning head-up display (HUD) that projects data ahead of the windshield so that eyes stay on the road.


tesla model s naias detroit auto show jan 2014

What recall? Tesla recasts Model S problems as mere updates

Tesla perishes the thought of a recall and focuses instead on doubling its retail and service centers in 2014.


2015 ford f 150 jan 2014

A big truck needs a big view: Ford builds 360-degree cameras into 2015 F-150

Ford has pulled out all of the stops to make sure the upcoming 2015 F-150 truck is safer -- and smarter.


2015 mercedes mercedes benz c class  front naias detroit auto show jan 2014

2015 Mercedes C-Class gets semi-autonomous braking, distancing, and parking

It can brake proactively if it foresees a collision. It can follow the car ahead of you in stop-and-go traffic. And it can parallel-park with your help on the pedals (just so you still feel useful).