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ford c max solar energi jan 2014

This solar-powered Ford C-MAX concept car can move itself to follow the sun

The C-MAX Solar Energi's battery can charge using only the sun -- at least, conceptually. When parked under a special energy concentrator, it will "creep" back and forth a short distance to maximize the light hitting its rooftop solar panels.


Audi 2015 A8 TFSI Quattro

Android in-car initiative with Audi, Nvidia tipped for CES

The competition between Google and Apple hits the road: Google will reportedly team with Audi to offer Android-powered in-car information and entertainment.


2014 bmw x1

Upcoming BMW X1 will have apps for music, social media and vehicle status

The new Online Entertainment system will integrate with major streaming music providers. BMW's own ConnectedDrive app can read Facebook and Twitter updates as well as provide car status. You'll be able to use either your phone or the car's own connectivity to download the data.


Toyota FCV (2)

Toyota to bring fuel-cell concept car to CES

The FCV is designed for a 500-kilometer range and three-minute refueling stops.

2013 dodge challenger srt performance pages 0 60

Challenger SRT's dashboard apps divulge your deepest driving data

The SRT Performance Pages built into this Dodge's dash tell you precisely why you deserve that ticket.


ford automated fusion hybrid research vehicle dec 2013

Spiked with LIDAR sensors, Ford research car tracks objects and creates 3D maps

Ford tricked out its Automated Fusion Hybrid Research Vehicle with enough sensors to see more than a driver ever could—so the car can help the human drive better.


mercedes benz mercedes intelligent drive dec 2013 detail

Early report: 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class can stop and go automatically in traffic jams

The luxury sedan, to be announced officially next week, will be able to stop, go, and maintain its lane automatically in slow traffic, as well as read traffic signs.


It's time to leave the driving to the droids

The best thing about driverless cars is that robots don't get distracted. Tom Kaneshige explains why we should pry our fingers from the steering wheel and leave the road to self-driven cars.

2015 Ford Mustang debuts with new tech features to track and adjust performance

The legendary muscle car is still all about speed, but a little more tech is coming along for the ride.


How to make your dumb car smarter

Your beater can have better tech, whether it's a simple streaming device for less than $100, or an entire infotainment system for $800. Check out your options here.