Don't-Miss Stories

Ford SYNC voice-control upgrade understands you even if you talk funny

Fuzzy search makes it better at guessing what you're saying, but it still can't compare to the voice features on iPhones and Android phones.


Like a motorized mood ring, Toyota FV2 concept adjusts to your emotional state

This concept car changes color, driving style, or destination based on your mood, and you can steer it just by shifting your weight.


2014 Nissan Altima auto-responds for social-media addicts who should be driving

In a valiant attempt to make social-media addicts safer doing anything, the car can send a customizable text message or Facebook update to eager followers.


I reversed, it saw, it braked: Hands-on with Infiniti QX80's backup intervention

Adjustable sensors can detect kids, pets, and other small obstacles behind the car.


Careful, nerds: Wearing Google Glass while driving may get you a ticket

A California woman appears to be the first person to get cited for a driving violation for wearing the Internet on her face.

Tested: 'Lane Keeping Assist' system steers Acura ever closer to self-driving cars

A car that watches the road and nudges the steering wheel hints at the future of self-driving cars, though not all drivers may be ready to let go.


The 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class features a touchpad and a GPS that looks for tunnels

Using the GPS, the car detects when you're entering a tunnel and automatically shuts vents that bring in external air and begins recirculating interior air.


2014 Cadillac ELR noise cancelling spares your delicate nerves from engine roar

Hush hush, sweet engine: The hybrid Cadillac ELR uses noise cancelling to dampen the sound of the car's transition from electric to gas engine. Call us when it can drown out "are we there yet?"


Ooh that smell: Mercedes-Benz S550 debuts with custom scents and hot-stone massage

Is this a car or a fast-moving spa? The S550’s new technologies include a scent-control system, passenger massage, and oh yeah, some things that improve the safety and driving experience as well.


Live-human concierge is the best tech in Mercedes-Benz mbrace2 connected-car service

We test the mbrace2 connected-car service on the 2014 Mercedes-Benz E550. Its yearly subscription almost seems like a small price to pay for the convenience of talking to a real, live person who will conduct Google searches for you and even make doctor appointments. But no homework help, kid. Sorry.