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Delft University wins World Solar Challenge car race

A team from Delft University in the The Netherlands won the World Solar Challenge, a biennial cross-Australia race that puts solar cars up against harsh driving conditions.


If you can’t do it, the car will: Ford showcases advances in parking assistance and obstacle avoidance

At an event in Belgium, Ford showed off future driving aids that inch us ever closer to the autonomous car.


Life on the edge of the electric car ecosystem: A desperate drive from charge to charge

You don't drive an electric car. It drives you, from charging station to charging station, as you plan your trips around maintaining the battery. The early infrastructure has a lot more building to do.


Stella solar car

Four-seater solar car hits 120 kph in cross-Australia race

Cars powered only by the sun are racing in the World Solar Challenge in the Australian desert, and a vehicle built by the Eindhoven University of Technology hit speeds of 120 kilometers per hour on Tuesday.

Dutch lead World Solar Challenge car race at end of day two

A team from Holland's Delft University is leading the world's toughest solar car race at the end of its second day.


Five lasers and five cameras help Nissan LEAF drive itself into demo at CEATEC in Japan

This very special Nissan LEAF is a poster car for the company’s pledge to bring autonomous vehicles to market by 2020.


Chip makers accelerating in-car entertainment

Chip makers like Broadcom and Renesas Electronics are ramping up in-car entertainment with faster processors and networks for wireless HD movies and navigation, aiming to keep drivers informed and passengers entertained.


Volkswagen EOS Komfort launches with tell-all Car-Net remote monitoring app

VW’s new Car-Net service debuts on select 2014 models including the EOS Komfort. Car-Net provides vehicle status, remote control and monitoring, and safety features, with an iPhone app now and an Android app on the way.


Toyota expands electric car sharing

On show at Ceatec 2013 in Japan, the i-Road personal mobility concept car is a shareable electric vehicle that is part of the company’s Harmonious Mobility Network or Hamo that provides cars that can be rented by the minute.

Toyota i-Road (2)

Toyota expands electric vehicle sharing program

Toyota added a new concept electric vehicle to its Hamo car sharing project, which lets users rent electric cars by the minute.


Aquafairy portable fuel cell

Japanese start-up aims to bring hydrogen fuel cells to the masses in 2014

A Japanese start-up says it has finessed a technology that could finally make consumer-grade fuel cells a reality. If successful, the company, Aquafairy, would create a business where many much larger companies have failed.