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Seagate launches Wireless Plus and Central networked drives

Seagate launches Wireless Plus and Central networked drives.


LaCie's new storage trio, all designed for heavy content users

LaCie announces new storage for consumers, small businesses, and content pros.

Lenovo storms CES with a deluge of Windows 8 hardware (Video)

From buttoned-up business machines to a watercooled gaming rig, Lenovo unleashes a flurry of eclectic Windows 8 hardware. This is one company that takes CES very, very seriously.

CES Update: Self-driving cars from Toyota

Toyota is set to unveil prototype self-driving car technology at CES. The world's biggest car maker says it will show off its latest research, previewed in a short video clip.

JBL's CES lineup includes Lightning-equipped speakers and high-end receivers

Three JBL speakers and two AV receivers will be touted by the company in Las Vegas.



Self-driving cars will debut at CES from Toyota and Audi

Move over, big-screen TVs, cell phones and tablets, because cars might steal the show at next week's International CES.


RCA Android tablet packs dual digital TV tuners

An Android tablet that can receive both conventional and mobile digital TV transmissions will be among the gadgets unveiled at next week's International CES in Las Vegas.


Samsung NX300 - CES 2013

Samsung NX300 - CES 2013

CES Scorecard: the biggest misses from last year's show

Many products are promised at International CES each year, but not every one comes through. In advance of next week's edition of CES, here are some of the products announced at the 2012 show that didn't pan out as expected.


Cool gadgets and hot tech that will shine at CES 2013

International CES kicks off Sunday in Las Vegas. Here's an early look at some tech trends and hot products to watch for during the massive trade show.


Samsung showcases two new Series 7 laptops for CES 2013

CES comes a little early as Samsung announces its new laptop entries for the Series 7 line.

Ahead of CES, Samsung reveals an upgrade kit for its smart TVs

Samsung has introduced a hardware upgrade kit for its smart TVs released in 2012, just a week before it is expected to unveil a new smart TV at the International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas.