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CES Day Three wrap-up: Displair, wireless charging in cars, and lifestyle tech (video)

It’s the third day of CES, and everything’s starting to wind down. Most of the companies made their big announcements earlier in the show, so we took a look at some of the smaller—but still awesome—products.

No, you don't need new glasses, those are curved TVs (video)

These curved LG OLED TVs give the best wide viewing angle around. How to afford one is up to you though.


Smart fork says stop eating so fast (video)

One of the most popular products at this year’s International CES was the HAPIfork, which vibrates when you eat too quickly.

HP takes the "lap" out of laptop (video)

The crazy side of CES shows us that not all laptops are mobile.

Old console becomes new gadget (video)

The Hyperkin Supaboy brings the Super Nintendo back into the spotlight with this handheld system.

Get in the game with this prototype controller (video)

The Intellect Motion Gameplay prototype controller wires you in to be part of the game.

Displair gives you a touchscreen out of thin air (video)

Displair uses air flow and two microns of water drops to create an interactive display.

Damage Control: Durable devices will let gadget makers stand out (video)

There's a reason CES 2013 featured a lot of companies -- and more than a few device makers -- showing off ways that phones and tablets can withstand more punishment. It's how those devices will differentiate themselves from the competition.


14 CES slates that break the tablet mold

Impressive new tablets range from gamer tablets, drop-proof and tabletop tablets, to tablets with built-in TVs.


Blue aims for foolproof podcast audio with Nessie

Blue Microphones has a new mic, and this one's built for entry-level podcasters without a lot of audio skill.