Don't-Miss Stories

Oculus Rift VR headset prototype works so well it’s a little scary

This is the first headset I’ve tested that doesn’t trigger any motion sickness or disorientation after 15 minutes of play

Tech21 hammers home a point about device protection (video)

The UK case maker had an eye-catching demo about how its cases protect your mobile devices.


Stern brings its pinball wizardry to CES (video)

You don't need to own an arcade to have your very own pinball machine. Manufacturer Stern Pinball makes home-sized models with a smaller footprint and price tag than their commercial counterparts, but with the same-sized playing area.

Acer takes on Apple with retina-class laptop displays

Acer plans on putting high-resolution “retina-class” LCD panels on laptops starting this Spring.

CES Day One wrap-up: High-tech fitness and indestructible smartphones (video)

CES 2013 opened its doors Tuesday, and we highlight some of the more interesting things we saw on the show floor.


Virtual laser keyboards look cool, but might not be ready for prime time (video)

The CTX VK200 Keyfob virtual laser keyboard responded to everyone’s touch but mine. Here’s what went wrong.


Nectar brings fuel cell tech to the mobile charging game (video)

Nectar isn’t the cheapest portable charging system on the market, but it’s one of the coolest.

OLPC announces XO Tablet with 7-inch screen

One Laptop Per Child is back in the tablet race, announcing a new 7-inch tablet with the Android OS that will be sold commercially and include its learning software.


Up close with Canon's tiny, Wi-Fi-enabled PowerShot N

Canon's latest Wi-Fi-enabled PowerShot camera is also its smallest, by a long shot.


Giant tech-gadget tornado in Vegas touches down at CES 2013

Sexy gaming tablets, waterproof smartphones, ruggedized cameras, and much, much more were available for inspection today at the giant International CES 2013 technology show.