Don't-Miss Stories

Haier’s blender charges by resting on the countertop (video)

The product connects with a power transmitter located underneath the counter.


B&O Play unleashes new speakers and TVs you probably can't afford

B&O Play's BeoVision 11 HDTV and BeoLlab 15/16 and Amplifier 1 speaker set are really cool, and really pricey.


Lukup Player adds color and content to your HDTV

The Lukup Player promises to put (nearly) anything you want to watch or listen to within reach of one HDMI port.


Bluetooth powers gizmos for health, wristwatches, and more

Quirky and cool Bluetooth gear monitors your dental hygiene, track your kids, help you find your phone, and help you watch your figure.

At CES, a little skepticism goes a long way

Plenty of products will be touted at International CES this week. But the gulf between the promise of new technology and the reality of that same technology can be a wide one.


Chrysler shows off connected Dodge Ram truck (video)

The 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 is the carmaker’s first connected vehicle with—surprise, surprise—streaming Internet radio.


CES first look: Android tablets tuned for kids

Fuhu adds to its Nabi product line of Android tablets for kids, with cool cameras, NFC fields, and of course, bright colors.


Surprise! Razer brought a decent Windows 8 gaming tablet to CES

It’s called the Edge, and it’s powerful enough to give other Windows 8 tablets a run for their money.

Sony suffers snag during OLED rollout (video)

Not every product unveiling goes smoothly, as Sony learned at CES on Monday when it came time to show off an OLED TV prototype.


SnapBox turns your smartphone photos into works of art

SnapBox offers unique gallery-wrapped photos mounted on a canvas frame