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Ubuntu chief says converged platforms are the future

The convergence of devices and software platforms is being driven by the shift towards cloud computing, which will ultimately become the engine room of all modern applications, according to Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth.

Microsoft joins Open Data Center Alliance

Microsoft has joined the Open Data Center Alliance, a user-led organization that aims to simplify the purchasing of data center and cloud services by promoting interoperability and common standards.

New security tool serves Amazon Cloud users

The new QualysGuard connector conducts vulnerability scans of virtual servers in the Amazon Cloud.

CloudOn 4.0 brings virtual Microsoft Office to Android smartphones

Need to give a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document a quick nip or tuck? This amazing service "streams" Office right to your phone.

Big data collection collides with privacy concerns, analysts say

A recent push in the information technology industry to collect and monetize big data is headed for a clash with privacy concerns from Internet users and potential regulation from some governments, according to tech analyst firm Ovum.

Inside the shadowy underground of 'anything, anywhere' cloud-based printing

Cloud-connected printers are everywhere, but how hard is it to collect your paperwork? We went to a private school and Twitter's corporate office to find out.

Microsoft SharePoint faces a challenging future: Forrester

IT pros like it, but can SharePoint deliver the advancements it needs to grow?

Amazon lets users track their cloud databases with texts, email

Amazon Web Services' Relational Database Service now lets users keep track of their databases with email and SMS notifications.

Moving to cloud computing is harder than envisioned: report

Many businesses call cloud computing security challenges daunting, according to a KPMG International report.

Cloud computing ecosystem will arrive in 2013, analysts say

The global cloud computing market will continue to grow in 2013 with advances in public, private, and hybrid cloud models, according to analyst firm Ovum.