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How to print anything from anywhere: Your ultimate guide to mobile printing

Sometimes you need dead trees in hand to get the job done. A growing number of options are available to let you print away from the office. Here's what you need for printing on the go from your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Where is cloud computing heading in 2013?

What is certain is we are watching a migration taking place where on-premise computing is moving to off-premise computing.

Amazon Web Services outage takes out popular websites again

Issues at an Amazon Web Service datacenter in Northern Virginia had webmasters at Reddit, Flipboard and Airbnb dealing with unhappy customers on Monday.

Cloud startup gets cues from Amazon, Google and OpenStack

Cloudscaling has been on a journey in the past few years, evolving from a cloud consultancy that built cloud platforms for companies like Korea Telecom, then used that experience to launch a cloud platform based on OpenStack code.

Toyota going all in with Microsoft's Office 365

Toyota is making Office 365, Microsoft's cloud-based productivity suite, available to more than 200,000 employees around the world.

larry ellison oracle ceo

Oracle gears up to challenge Amazon Web Services

Oracle is planning to roll out a new infrastructure as a service that will compete directly with Amazon Web Services, along with a service called Oracle Public Cloud that runs inside customers' facilities, CEO Larry Ellison announced at the keynote address of the OpenWorld conference in San Francisco.

5 (more) key cloud security issues

As we're adopting cloud computing, we're more aware of the security concerns it raises than we were of issues created by other large-scale technologies we adopted in the past. This is a wonderful thing! But security nirvana has yet not been achieved. While there's still plenty of room for cloud providers to improve, many aspects of cloud security must be the responsibility of the consumer.

Casual Friday: Stream Crysis on an Eee PC

You can play your PCs games wherever and whenever you want--even on an underpowered mini-laptop--thanks to streaming (and one day, cloud computing).