Don't-Miss Stories

How hackathons can become more female-friendly

Women seem particularly scarce at hackathons; this nonscientific survey offers suggestions for making them feel more welcome.


For the Bitcoin app builder comes a toolkit from BitPay

An open-source library makes it easier for developers to connect to the Bitcoin network.

hobby programmer slogan best

IDC: Hobbyist programmers on the rise

Amateur programmers are becoming increasingly more prevalent in the IT landscape, a new IDC study has found.

So you want to be a coder! These tools can get you there

Interactive tutorials can provide instant feedback on your work, and turn learning into a fun game. Many are Web-based, and most are free.

Computer, make me a program! Researchers find a way to code using plain English

Programming languages can be intimidating to learn, but researchers at MIT show that it's possible to write programs in plain english—for some things, anyway.


Gates, Zuckerberg team up to convince kids that coding is cool

New nonprofit foundation on Tuesday released a short film that features tech titans advocating for computer programming classes in schools.

Facebook to charge businesses to run targeted ads in Offers service

Industry analysts say the move is good news from the company, which has been tarnished since its troubled initial public offering in May.


Interactive CG Characters on Your Desktop

Geisha Tokyo Entertainment develops a system for interacting with computer-generated (CG) characters on your desktop. The system involves a Webcam recognizing a 2D barcode on a small cube.

Infected Art: Viruses Go Visual

An art gallery has unveiled a collection of images created from the code of various viruses, worms, spam, and other malware.