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Logitech's LifeSize Deal Is a Head-Scratcher

Although computer peripherals and telepresence are an unlikely pairing, the acquisition puts Logitech in competition with Cisco, HP, Polycom and others.


Google Wave: Ingenious — But Is It Useful?

Google Wave is the kind of tool that you want to use, but one that you may not be able to figure out how to fit into your work life.

Free Screen-Sharing Tool Helps Businesses Collaborate

Yuuguu lets participants see your screen just by connecting through a web browser, with a free plan suited to occasional meetings.

Host Free Conference Calls

Other than potential long-distance fees, get free conference calls with up to 150 participants.

Sharing and Collaborating with Microsoft Office Web Apps

One of the primary advantages of working with Microsoft Office applications in the cloud is the ability to access and work with documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and notebooks from any Web-enabled device, from anywhere in the world.

Google Wave Tiptoes Its Way Into Google Apps

Google is opening up its coolaborative software Wave to more orginizations including businesses and schools.

Top 10 Must-Have iPhone Business Apps

Need to edit an Excel file on the fly? Want to update your Web site via FTP while crammed on a subway car? These 10 essential business apps for your iPhone will help you run your business from your back pocket.


Beta Watch: Shareflow, TweetPsych, FriendShopper

This month's betas: 'flowing' collaborations, profiling your tweets, and e-shopping apart.

Tips for More Efficient Collaboration

IBM launches a "Smart Work" program with tools to promote easier collaboration from near and far.

Technology Can Change Global Policy, UK Leader Says

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown reviewed examples of communication that directed the global spotlight and affected foreign policy issues.