Don't-Miss Stories

Tips for More Efficient Collaboration

IBM launches a "Smart Work" program with tools to promote easier collaboration from near and far.

Technology Can Change Global Policy, UK Leader Says

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown reviewed examples of communication that directed the global spotlight and affected foreign policy issues.

Google Wave Opens to Select Users this Fall

Google is taking applications for early users of its new collaboration service.

'Telework Day' Urged for Cost, Energy Savings

Virginia is promoting a single all-state telecommute day to raise awareness and interest in the cost and energy savings.

Google Apps Security Questioned After Twitter Leak

Analysis: Twitter suffers a significant security breach, brought on by a Twitter employee's Google Apps account being hacked.

Younger Workforce Demands Innovative Tech Tools

Analysis: Today's employees see companies as old-fashioned and not competitive if they can’t (or won’t) maintain the latest equipment available.

Microsoft Office 2010 Pushes Collaboration, Productivity

Microsoft is counting on a more Web-based manifestation of Office to keep from looking like a corporate dinosaur next to Web apps from Google and Zoho.

Zoho Builds Cloud Apps on SharePoint

Zoho Office challenges Google apps by linking up with Microsoft SharePoint's infrastructure.

Travel Smart

Seven inventive travel tips to lighten your load, improve your ride, and make your time on the road more fun and productive.

Streamline Your Online Experience

Use these Facebook, Twitter, and blogging tools and tips to take control of your Web presence.