Don't-Miss Stories

The Web 2.0 'Conversation' Is Really a Shouting Match

TechCrunch has become a popular news site, but the opinions masquerading as real journalism are often dead wrong.

Mobile Phones Join the Rural Radio Mix

Analysis: Nonprofits find cell phones supplement radio as a way to mobilize rural communities worldwide.

Pope Praises Potential of New Technologies

Vatican's YouTube Channel recognizes the role of digital technologies in dialogue, friendship, and evangelization.


White House Twitter Account Is a Phony

Microblog account name is changed, and bio now indicates that the account is "unaffiliated with the white house."

Does Social Media Have Any Real Impact?

From MySpace and Facebook to Google searches and instant messaging, there are no game-changers in social media.

Wikia Co-founder Waxes About Wikia, Wikis, Wikipedia

Wikia co-founder Angela Beesley says that wikis could learn a trick or two from Facebook.

Twitter Users Document US Airways Landing

Some tweets show the up side of Twitter -- other tweets show the potential pitfalls.

What's Up With the Search Limits on Twitter?

Twitter limits searches on its site ... why? And why is it so hard to get a straight answer from Twitter?

Twitter Hack Was, Like, Totally '80s

Sadly, this simple 'War Games'-era hack actually worked in 2009.

Phishing Scam Bursts Twitter's 'Trust' Bubble

After the phishing incident, users can no longer innocently follow a link. Will this make Twitter less and less effective?