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Sadly, this simple 'War Games'-era hack actually worked in 2009.

Phishing Scam Bursts Twitter's 'Trust' Bubble

After the phishing incident, users can no longer innocently follow a link. Will this make Twitter less and less effective?

Resolve to Study These Web Sites in 2009

It's a New Year's resolution IT pros can -- and should -- stick to.

17 Telecommuting Disadvantages

Despite all the benefits of working at home, telecommuting also has its disadvantages. Before you set up your home office, be aware of these 17 rotten bits about telecommuting--both its minor annoyances and the bigger telecommuting problems nobody likes to talk about.

Seven Tips to Success with a Corporate Wiki

Expert suggestions on what it takes to pick a wiki that's just right for you and your company, both from a technical and end-user perspective.

Manage Telecommuters Without Losing Your Mind

Putting a secure and well-thought-out telecommuting plan in place at your company may yield a happier, more productive workforce.

Mindjet MindManager 8

Solid mind-mapping application, but some new features are glitchy.

Businesses Ban Surfing, Study shows

Employees who waste time with random searching should be kept off the web, a researcher advises British firms.

Facebook, Google Vie for Connect Services

The simultaneous launch of Connect services by Google and Facebook is no coincidence -- they're battling to lead in data portability.

LinkedIn Revamps its Search Tool

The new search engine uses a "personalized relevance algorithm" to identify the most relevant contacts.