Don't-Miss Stories

Outsourcing Vendor to Move IT Jobs Offshore

Execs say firm plans to start offshoring development, project management work.

The Core Dev Team's Role in an Agile Project

This excerpt from the upcoming book, Becoming Agile, discusses a necessity in ensuring corporate buy-in for Agile development: creating a collaborative team that can evangelize Agile in the company and shepherd the software engineering methodology through enterprise software development projects.

Wikis Beat E-Mail for Collaboration, Research Says

The Internet supports mass collaboration on a previously impossible scale, and businesses should take advantage of that, consultant says.

IBM Group's Final Message: 'pwrdwnsys *immed'

A Cleveland-based user group says it's been pushed offline by the Internet.

Organized Customer and Employee Support

NTRSupport tidies up the mess for companies providing support.

Surviving the Tech Manager's Global Squeeze

More and more IT projects involve teams from around the world, and project leaders are asked to work a grueling 24/7.

Open-Source Drupal Turns Pro

Acquia's strengthened and supported distribution of the open source content manager smooths the path to a trouble-free Drupal Web site.

Why Security Pros Hate SharePoint

Microsoft's SharePoint collaboration platform is all the rage in today's business world, especially since third parties gained the ability to plug security holes. But managing it can still be a nightmare for IT security shops.

IBM Opens Beta for Social Networking, Collaboration

IBM expands "cloud" initiative by putting Lotus tools on the Web.

Caution: Collaboration Can Spill Corporate Secrets

Collaboration and mobility boost the opportunity for data leak dangers, a Cisco study reports.