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Zip and Unzip Many Kinds of Files for Free With PeaZip

A very good free archiving freebie that supports a wide variety of file types, PeaZip suffers minor bugs and laggy performance.

WinZip Standard 16 Almost Too Good to Be Standard-Issue

Winzip 16 piles on the features, including a cloud-based service and a 64-bit engine--even in the Standard version.

WinZip 16 Pro Is a Compression Utility for Power Users

WinZip 16 Pro adds backup and task management to the feature set.

Prevent Your Anti-Virus Software From Choking on Zip Files

Zip files can be huge, wreaking havoc with your virus scanner--and potentially your PC as well. Here are two ways to work around the problem.

Free Utility 7-Zip Compresses Files Efficiently

Free, open-source file compression utility 7-Zip supports the advanced 7Z format, as well as standard ZIP.

How to Compress Files in Windows

Forget third-party utilities: Windows has a built-in tool for "zipping" a batch of files. Here's how to use it.

Hamster Free Zip Archiver: Better Than Windows Zip Archiving, Still Free

Master Zip and other archives--fast, and for free--with Hamster Free Zip Archiver.

WinZip 15 Improves Interface, E-mail Integration

The standard compression utility for Windows, WinZip, hits version 15 with a host of new features.

WinZip Courier Shrinks Files Sent With MS Outlook

Compress and encrypts e-mail attachments from directly inside Outlook with WinZip Courier.

Music Compression Test: How Good Are Your Ears?

Can you tell the difference between music samples compressed at different quality levels? Test your ears with our quiz and compare your impressions with those of other readers.