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Dump unwanted tech items for Lenovo gift card in new trade-in program

Lenovo teams with to offer Lenovo gift cards to those who trade in any gently used tech via the trade-in site.

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Verizon, Vodafone reportedly close to $130 billion deal

Verizon and Vodafone are close to a deal that will see the U.S.-based carrier buy out the U.K. company's stake in Verizon Wireless for US$130 billion, according to press reports.

Dell dumps $299 Windows RT tablet, now cheapest is $479

The price of a Windows RT tablet at Dell's website went from $299 on Friday morning to $479 for a tablet bundled with a keyboard by the end of the day.

European lawmakers may abolish all roaming charges

The prospect of downloading data, sending text messages and making calls while travelling in Europe, without incurring huge ‘roaming’ charges came a step closer on Tuesday when politicians voted in favour of new legislation.

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Verizon kills the 20-month upgrade, halts device swaps

Verizon gets a little stingier with its discounted upgrades, and will now make customers wait two full years before getting a discount. Verizon also eliminates the option to switch the type of device.


The FTC says identity theft retains its throne as No.1 consumer scourge

Identity theft is the top consumer complaint to the Federal Trade Commission for the 13th year in a row.

Phone unlocking ban sparks consumer ire; White House petition

After unlocking your phone became a crime on Saturday, a petition at the White House website is gaining steam to reverse the decision.

How to return your gadget gifts without any runaround

Unhappy with a gift or other seasonal tech purchase? Here’s our advice for hassle-free returns and exchanges, online and in person.

Consumer Reports makes case for Windows 7 PCs

Windows 7 may be the better choice as a PC operating system on new systems than the just-released Windows 8, Consumer Reports magazine said this week.

45,000 PCWorld readers name the brands they love (and love to hate)

Who makes the most reliable computers and gadgets? We asked a small army of PCWorld readers to rate the companies that made their desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and printers. The results might change your perceptions of which companies to trust.