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Here's a roundup of the tips and tricks you need to know right now to get advance notification about tech bargains available on the day after Thanksgiving.

5 Reasons I Hope Gets Sued Into Oblivion

It's time for to change or close up shop. A lawsuit against the company might just prompt some movement.

Brilliant: The Gift Cards With Built-In Gadgets

Best Buy and Target have introduced gift cards that double as tiny speakers and a mini camera - we aren't kidding!

Circuit City Woes Mirror Industry Challenges

Will electronics retailers exist in 10 Years? Circuit City is not alone facing a challenging retail future.

Unplug for Dollars: Stop 'Vampire Power' Waste

You can save a few hundred bucks a year by unplugging electronics that aren't in use. Get the lowdown on costs, plus some products to help you cut back on kilowatt consumption.

5 Great Digital Cameras for Less Than $250

You don't need to break the bank to get superb pictures. These compact shooters offer convenience and quality.


Beginning of the End for Circuit City?

Circuit City will close 155 of its retail stores. Is this the beginning of the end for the consumer electronics giant?

Yahoo Ad Network Offers 'Deceptive' Ads

UPDATE: Deceptive advertising may be illegal in the US, but Yahoo's ad network appears to offer it to publishers.

Tech Tricks and Treats of 2008

Revisit the scary Halloweens of childhood by celebrating the terrifying tricks and delectable tech treats of 2008.

What PC Hassles Do You Need Help Solving?

Your Hassle-Free PC blog buddy is at your service. How can I help?