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Music Business Tunes for Next Copyright Fight

After the SOPA defeat, the music industry assembles a wish list to boost legal protection, despite soaring digital revenues.


MegaUpload Update: Founder Denied Bail Over Flight Risk Concerns

MegaUpload's founder Kim Dotcom was denied bail Wednesday by a New Zealand judge.

Stick It to the Man: How the Web Spurs Political Change

Here are 10 instances where people combined activism and social networking to spark changes ranging from protection of ancient redwoods to the Arab Spring to playing poker online.


MPAA's Dodd Shelves SOPA Tough Talk at Sundance Film Festival

Film lobby head calls last week's outpouring of opposition to anti-piracy bills a "watershed event."


SOPA and PIPA: What Went Wrong?

For Internet activists, last week's Web protests against two controversial copyright enforcement bills were a huge victory against three powerful and well-funded trade groups.

Megaupload Legal Troubles Send Shudders Through Cyberlocker Community

Operators of other file-sharing sites worry about who might be the next target of government enforcers.


Why History Needs Software Piracy

How copy protection and app stores could deny future generations their cultural legacy.

MegaUpload: Dotcom a 'Flight Risk', Prosecutor Says

MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom is considered a significant flight risk, the Crown argued on behalf of the US government Monday.

FileSonic Disables File Sharing After MegaUpload Arrests

An online storage service, FileSonic, has disabled file sharing between users following the takedown of the MegaUpload service for alleged copyright infringement.

MegaUpload Bail Decision Delayed

Kim Dotcom and the other Megaupload defendants must wait in custody for a few days before learning whether they can be released on bail.