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Can I Post Videos that Use Other People's Music on Youtube?

Spiderowych asked the Answer Line forum if it's legal to post a remix of copyrighted songs on Youtube.


US Judge Denies Apple Request to Halt Sales of Some Samsung Products

A U.S. district court judge has denied Apple's request to halt sales of four Samsung products in an ongoing patent infringement lawsuit.

Senator Vows to Topple Anti-Piracy Bill with

Senator Ron Wyden threatens filibuster to stop the Stop Online Piracy Act.

Samsung Appeals Against Galaxy Tab Sales Ban in Australia

Samsung's lawyers begin an appeal against the ban on sales of the company's Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia.

FAQ: Is Online Piracy Act Overkill?

Some tech firms and activists fear SOPA gives content owners too much power to go after websites accused of copyright theft or sale of counterfeit goods.

Publisher Drops Copyright Claim, Favors Fair Use

Fair use online is recognized when a newspaper plaintiff drops its appeal in a case pushed by third-party copyright enforcer.

RIAA Demands ReDigi Stop Sales of 'Used' Tunes

The RIAA has turned its sights on ReDigi, a "used digital music store" that allows users to buy and sell "pre-owned" music.

Android MP3 Piracy Rampant Amid Google's Muddled Response

Google and the RIAA are in a snit over Android apps that allow you to download copyright protected music for free via Android devices.


Piracy Legislation Needed to Battle Huge Problem, Experts Say

Legislation in the U.S. Congress would allow federal law enforcement officials to block websites accused of copyright piracy.

RIAA: The Courts Don't Get Copyright Laws

Not content with its legal victories over individual file swappers, the recording industry wants judges to punish ISPs too.