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Megaupload's lawyers: DOJ's charges have no basis in law

The U.S. Department of Justice's copyright infringement case against file storage service Megaupload is "prosecutorial overreach" based on a misreading of U.S. law, the site's lawyers argue in a white paper released Tuesday.

US lawmakers plan sweeping review of copyright

A key U.S. lawmaker has unveiled plans for a comprehensive review of the laws surrounding copyright in the United States to determine whether they are still relevant in the digital age.


Torrent site IsoHunt loses copyright-infringement lawsuit appeal

MPAA hails court ruling on the copyright-infringement case that involved the file-sharing site.


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Music labels settle piracy claim by licensing to Chinese firm

In another breakthrough for China's anti-piracy efforts, four major record labels have signed a deal to license music to a Chinese Internet firm in exchange for royalties, after the company had previously been accused of hosting links to illegal music downloads.

Hollywood cracking down on copyright infringement in apps

Hollywood is starting to hunt down mobile apps that contain infringing content and asking that they be removed from app stores.


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MegaUpload loses a round in copyright violation charges

Megaupload lost a bid on Friday to see a trove of evidence held by U.S. prosecutors prior to extradition proceedings expected to begin later this year in New Zealand.

Google applauds Germany's weakened online copyright law

The German Bundestag has adopted a controversial, but weakened, online copyright bill that gives publishers the exclusive right to make commercial use of their publications on the Internet.

ISPs plan to hijack browsers and limit Internet access to combat copyright piracy

The so-called "six strikes" voluntary policing policy is now in effect, and Internet service providers are ready to get nasty if they believe you're engaged in repeated copyright infringement.

ISPs roll out six strikes program this week

This week, the five major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the U.S. will roll out the Copyright Alert System (CAS), also known as the six strikes program.


Google antipiracy efforts are failing, RIAA complains

A recorded music industry association in the U.S. said Google's policy to demote pirate websites in search rankings was not working.