Don't-Miss Stories

German Bill Seeks Licensing Fee from Google, Other Search Engines

The bill wants the search engines to pay for utilizing copyrighted material because they reproduce headlines and paragraphs of news stories.

SurfTheChannel Owner Jailed for Copyright Infringement

Anton Vickerman became the first British citizen in the United Kingdom to be jailed for operating a website that linked to pirated material.

It's Google's Web, We Just Search On It

Google's new algorithm targets torrents sites -- and opens the door to bogus copyright claims. Chalk one up for content cartel!

Copyright Removal Requests to Affect Google Search Ranking

When assigning search result rankings, Google will now take reports of copyright violation into account.


Demonoid's Return Uncertain After Law Enforcement Action in Ukraine and Mexico

The return of popular BitTorrent website Demonoid, offline since the end of July, is shrouded in uncertainty.

Need to Choose a Creative Commons License? This New Tool Can Help

A newly revamped online chooser is designed to help users make more informed decisions about the license they use.

The RIAA Knew SOPA and PIPA Were Useless, Yet Supported Them Anyway

The industry knows that most music files are swapped offline, notes Torrent Freak. So why is the RIAA still asking ISPs to spy on us?

Why do Music Labels Want Useless Weapons?

Analysis: The RIAA knew SOPA and PIPA were useless, yet supported them anyway. Most music files are swapped offline. So why is the RIAA still asking ISPs to spy on us?

BitTorrent Looks to Share Some Revenue With Artists

The file-sharing company BitTorrent has begun testing an advertising model through which it would share ad revenue with content producers.


MegaUpload's Dotcom Challenges Evidence

Fighting extradition to the US on copyright infringement and money laundering charges, the file-sharing CEO calls evidence "cherry picked."