Don't-Miss Stories

MegaUpload Founder Seeks Compensation for Illegal Search

Kim Dotcom's lawyers are seeking relief and reparation from the government over what has been deemed an illegal search and seizure of Dotcom's property.

MegaUpload Pushes Court to Dismiss Criminal Copyright Case

The request that could result in a quick end to the court case against the company.

Oracle Agrees to 'Zero' Damages in Google Lawsuit, Eyes Appeal

The companies apparently want to conclude the case and move on to Oracle's appeal without any issues outstanding.

Free Wi-Fi Threatened by Porn Maker's Lawsuit

The Electronic Frontier Foundation warns of a slippery slope from a bogus copyright action involving two roommates.

How to Protect Your Artistic Works With a Creative Commons License

These alternative licenses improve on existing copyright law by enabling content owners to promote the sharing and dissemination of their works.

Verizon Defends Customer Privacy in Publisher's Suit

The carrier refuses to comply with an order to allow a peek at the personal information of alleged e-book pirates.

Pirate Bay Takes Survey About Sharing

The notorious file-sharing site polls Internet users on their file-sharing habits, attitudes, and perceptions of laws.

Oracle v. Google Copyright Case: The Road Ahead

The partial verdict jurors reached was just the end of round one in a three-round bout between Google and Oracle.

Google Liable for Copyright Infringement, Jury Finds

A jury has found Google liable for copyright infringement in its use of Java in Android, but has not managed to decide whether that infringement was protected by rules governing "fair use."

Pirate Bay Rallies Users

Notorious file-sharing site The Pirate Bay is urging its UK users to lobby against a government plan to block access to its services.