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Small business cybercrime

Brits may consult convicted cybercrooks for tech defense

Convicted computer hackers could be recruited to join the government's new Joint Cyber Reserve, the unit's chief has said.

Brace for stronger DDoS attacks, security firm warns

The average size of DDoS attacks is still climbing with the number breaching 20Gbps around four times the level seen a year ago, according to Arbor Networks.

Symantec identifes 'Hidden Lynx' as hackers co-op

Security experts at Symantec say a single Chinese hacking group called "Hidden Lynx" is involved in a recent series of high-profile cyberattacks on U.S. interests.

Small business cybercrime

Cyberspies attack key South Korean institutions, North Korean hackers suspected

The attack campaign, which has been dubbed “Kimsuky,” involves the use of malware to steal sensitive information from South Korean research institutions.


Poison Ivy, used in RSA SecurID attack, still popular

A malicious software tool perhaps most famously used to hack RSA's SecurID infrastructure is still being used in targeted attacks, according to security vendor FireEye.

Hackers put a bull's-eye on small business

After years of warnings from every level of the IT sector, small companies still are not getting the message: Get serious about security before you lose everything.

Picky spyware ranks sensitive military documents

A report from security vendor McAfee into March attacks in South Korea, which wiped data from bank computers, shut down ATMs and crippled government websites, describes a much less conspicuous parallel operation designed to steal classified military data.

Surviving a cyberwar depends on the target, experts say

The security community agrees it's important to protect critical infrastructure, but it's not clear which sectors are critical.

7 essentials for curbing DDoS attacks

Many companies are finding themselves under attack for the first time, and their security chiefs need answers if they're going to fight back.

us capitol with flag

Bill aims to discourage nations from sponsoring cyberattacks

Three U.S. lawmakers have introduced legislation that would allow the Obama administration to deny U.S. travel visas to cyberattackers sponsored by foreign governments and to freeze their U.S.-based assets.